Autograph Tickets

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We've had a lot of questions about autograph price tiers lately so here's a quick explanation of what price tiers are:

Some autograph guests have different pricing for signing different items. There will be a breakdown of pricing on every autograph ticket page in the details. 
For example, Jim Brown has 3:

  • $170 Tier 1: Autograph for any size flat item, mini helmet
  • $200 Tier 2: Autograph for football, full-size helmet, equipment, shoe, seatback
  • $250 Tier 3: Autograph for Jersey

If you want to get a jersey signed you would need to purchase the tier 3 $250 ticket. If you wanted to get a football signed you would need to purchase the $200 tier 2 ticket.

Another common question is "What are the group numbers?" 
Group numbers just determine where you are in line. The lower the group number, the lower your number in line.