Signings FAQ

Autograph Signing Event FAQ

1.When or where can I pick up tickets? You can pick up your tickets the day of the event at the Will-Call table.

2. Can I purchase day-of tickets? Yes! 

3. How early should I arrive? One hour before if tickets pre-ordered or two hours if not pre-ordered. Tickets are numbered and we do call ticket numbers so you don't need to arrive early to get in line.

4. What types of payment are accepted? cash or credit.

5. Are you selling items for autographs? We typically sell photos, mini helmets, full-size helmets, and footballs. 

6. Can people bring their own things to have autographed? Yes, but each autograph requires a ticket.

7. What is an inscription? An inscription is anything other than the player's name and number: such as "2014 National Champs." You cannot just purchase an inscription.

8. What happens If a player smudges or messes up my item? We cannot be held responsible for this. You are getting your item signed at your own risk. Refunds and replacements will not be given. We recommend using post-it notes to indicate where you want your item signed, and to write out any inscriptions you want on a post-it note as well. This will help avoid mistakes.

9. Can I take a photo with the player?  Typically, we will allow "lean in" photos, but if the player doesn't want to we will not make them. Also, if it is too busy we will not allow them just to make sure that everyone makes it through the line before the player is scheduled to leave. 

By placing an order you are agreeing to ALL of the above terms and conditions.